A little history on Calypso…

Hey friends, so maybe you never heard about Calypso?!  I want tell you about some famous Calypso singers over the years.   I love calypso music because it is an incredible rhythm. I want to listen to my favorite calypso artists out there. I am going to let you know more about calypso here. I will write about some of the best calypso singers in the history of this music, and you will love it too.  Their names are Mighty Sparrow and Lord Mouse.
Mighty Sparrow
Mighty Sparrow is a songwriter, calypso singer, and a guitarist. He is also known as the king of calypso all over the world. Mighty Sparrow has won many competitions related to this type of music. He was born in West Indies in 1935 and moved to Trinidad with his family in 1937. Mighty Sparrow started singing since he is just a small child, which is truly amazing for any children out there. He even performed with a famous band at the important Carnival when he was 14. People called him Little Sparrow because he was truly energetic on stage.
In 1954, Mighty Sparrow started to sing as an important carnival singer. He made his first recording in 1955. These recordings were included in a famous compilation later. He won the important Calypso King competitions in 1956 in Trinidad with one of his most famous songs. He worked hard to boycott the completion of Calypso King in Trinidad because he only got $40 when he won the prize. This was a mockery and he included a lot of musician in his boycott to this competition over time. Mighty Sparrow also worked hard to have many local hits in 1957 and 1956.
Lord Mouse
Lord Mouse was a calypso band established in Germany. They started to sing calypso in 2008 producing music independently, which is truly awesome for any band out there. The band released two albums. This was one of the few calypso bands that worked in Europe. They worked hard to give public awareness of calypso to many European nations. They also got tons of followers in Japan and Russia. Calypso gained tons of popularity in America in the 1950s thanks to Harry Belafonte´s songs, but this type of music started in earnest just in the mid- 1920s.
Calypso has also been forgotten in Europe. Lord Mouse made it possible for Europeans to dance with calypso singers. The members of Lord Mouse came from many places around the world, but the band itself was based in Berlin, Germany. Europeans have also recognized calypso as a musical form that is worthy of a place in the musical history of this continent. The band used modern recording techniques mixing a classic sound. Lord Mouse managed to forge a truly successful relationship with a wide audience including the music industry people, and this was very important for this band over time.

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